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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Trick Your WordPress Blog With These Amazing Tips

Now that you’ve invested your precious time and efforts into building a perfect WordPress blog, it’s time for you to indulge in something that will allow you to make your blog work for your benefit. In order to gain complete control over the visual appearance and functionality of your WordPress powered blog, it’s crucial to power it up and lock it down. If you too are a novice WordPress user, and are constantly struggling with making your blog completely yours then this is the blog you ought to go through. Here, i will be covering tips that will help you make your WordPress blog run as per your choice.

Understand Your Purpose Behind Building The Wordpress Blog:

With cloud-computing making grounds in today’s web world, we often tend to ignore the joy of operating a software program all by ourselves. If you’ve just built your WordPress blog and aren’t sure as to whether you’re going to stick to blogging over a long period of time, it’s time to realize your goal behind designing the same. You need to be sure of your plans behind developing and maintaining your WordPress blog.
Below are the tips that will help you trick your WordPress blog for maximum readers.

Tip No.1- Pay Attention To Initial Configuration Process:

The very first thing you’d do on your WordPress blog is setting up a new author with administrator access. While you do this, make sure not to use the default “admin” user to write your blog posts. Rather create your custom username and offer it admin privileges.
Once your administrator account is functional, add other authors to the final list of website users and assign them individuals roles. Screen-shot for this is displayed below:

Tip No.2 - Tweak Your Permalinks:

In order to configure things just as you like them, simply go your WordPress Settings page and under the option, “Permalinks” select something like this: "". Doing this will make your permalinks look amazing for both, human beings as well as the search engines.

Tip No.3 - Enable Comments For Your Blog Posts:

As an attempt to configure the comments for your blog posts, simply go to the WordPress Settings page and under the “Discussion” tab, enable comments for your blog posts. You may also choose from a variety of options such as: users should be logged into your site for posting their comments, the comments should automatically close on your posts after a specific number of days etc.

Tip No.4 - Don’t Miss The Must-Have Plugins:

Just like any other web development platform, WordPress also has a pluggable architecture. You can install a whole world of plugins onto your WordPress website/blog and choose to extend its functionality as and when required. For this, all you need to do is simply click the “Plugins” tab and search for the name of plugin you want to install. You may choose to search the plugin using simple keywords as well. For example, if you want to search for Twitter-related plugins, just enter ‘Twitter’ in the search box and an entire list of WordPress Twitter plugins will be displayed on your screen. Some of the must-have plugins for your WordPress blog include WordPress Database Backup, FD Feedburner Plugin, Stats, Search Meter and WP SuperCache.

Tip No.5- Opt For Conditional Tags:

You may choose to use tags for displaying different types of content on your blog. For example, you may use a has_tag to display quick links on your web pages. In addition to this, you may also opt for tagging content that’s placed in the form of short and long paragraphs.

Tip No.6 - Customize The Default WordPress Theme:

If you’ve handy PHP coding skills, you may easily choose to customize the look of the default WordPress theme. You can start off by choosing a base theme that can be either WordPress’s default theme or one that has been downloaded from the internet. Once you’re done with choosing a base theme, work out some coding and give a unique visual appearance to the respective WordPress theme.

My Verdict:

If you take my words, tricking out your WordPress blog can actually allow you to reach a wider group of audience. Digging deep into your WordPress blog will probably offer you an instant recognition among potential readers who’re looking for useful and interesting information.
If you feel the need to add something to the above write-up, please feel free in using the comments box provided right under this post.

Author bio:
Jack White is a web developer by profession and a writer by hobby and works for OSSMedia Ltd company. He loves sharing information regarding wordpress, Majento, Drupal and Joomla development tips & tricks. If you are looking for Hire Wordpress Developer then just get in touch with him.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Fruitful Tips to Improve your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Nowadays staying social is more important in order to sustain in this competitive marketing world! Having a strong social presence online will get drastic exposure to your business in a smarter way than any other marketing strategies. 
Do you believe if I say social media marketing took the businesses to great heights in a tremendous way? Yes of course, it’s true! Social media networks took the change over for all businesses from the online novelty to a must-have tradition. It’s a simple process and is obviously a hassle free technique that can gain huge sales to your business if you do it in a right efficient way.

It’s all the practice which makes a man perfect! Alike, it takes a lot of practice and knowledge to transform your business’s social affairs into a marketing weapon. Here are few tips to achieve a strong online presence that gives fruits to your business:

Give full-time priority to your social media campaign:

It is true that creating social media profiles is simple but managing your business accounts for the purpose of marketing and advertising is not that easy job as you think! It requires immense efforts and dedication towards catching the clients and running the account. The person who is responsible for managing social media accounts must follow few strategies as follows:
  • Managing the clients and responding on-time to their queries and concerns.
  • Posting about the events that the company participates in.
  • Sharing current updates and preparing stuff for the future updates.
  • Checking for the latest trends and monitoring the account interactions.
  • Developing content to represent your company and sharing it over the globe.
  • Researching new social sites that will potentially help in promoting your business.

Getting the exact resources that are required for your marketing team:

People who are involved in the social media marketing campaign for any business must need to have adequate resources. It is worth investing money in training and educating the marketing team with proper strategies that can make up ideas narrowing to the goals. Connect the team with content writers, web designers and some experienced professionals to craft accurate content and designs to make-up the social media accounts.

Keep your marketing team updated with all latest developments within the business:

Companies will occasionally implement new strategies or developments to raise the ROI. It is always advisable to inform the team regarding the current situation and the updates that is being automated. Make sure to discuss with them about the important issues like the deadlines, deliveries, shipping times and other sensitive information that reflects the company policy. So, stay connected with the team and don’t forget to share all the updates!

Be sure to have consistent social marketing strategy:

Paying appropriate attention to the business social accounts is a must! Regular updates and interaction with customers are the essential tools of a successful marketing campaign. Creating work schedule will avoid inconsistent approaches and so the misfortunes.
Start creating a world-class social media accounts with your social media marketing team and give enough resources and support with concerned requirements.
Make sure to be consistent, unique and confident, the success is yours! Go social if you need to go viral..!!
Do share your thoughts by dropping your comments.

Author Bio:
Amy Jasmine is a web enthusiast who loves to write articles for blogs. She has a great interest in writing content for major SEO blogs and sharing new ideas and information founded in surfing net.

Link Building with Videos Blogging

Link building is a big deal because it is one of the factors that affect your position on the Google search engine results pages, and it gets you a little bit of direct traffic too. It is a big deal because the more links you have then the higher the probability of you getting more traffic.
There are numerous kinds of links, but the only types you need concern yourself with within this article are video links that either do or do not contain a no-follow instruction. A no-follow instruction means that links may be clicked on and take people to a web page, but that link will not affect any web page’s position on the search engine results pages. Links that do not contain this “no-follow” instruction may be indexed by Google and may help a web page rank higher on the search engine results.

What is vlogging?

It is another way of saying video-blogging. It is the creation and publication of videos on a regular basis in order to gain a following. It works in a similar way to how bloggers post articles routinely in order to get a following. Even things such as a scheduling tool may be used and an RSS feed may be updated.

What is the point?

Some people prefer writing and others prefer to make video presentations. The point is that if you do not want to create written content then you can create video content instead. You will attract a different type of viewer, and you will not rank as highly on search engine results, but it is another way all that same--and that is the point.

Video Bloggers Are Sometimes Influencers?

A blogger is sometimes an influencer, but if YouTube has taught us anything other than how cute cats are, then it has taught us that vlogging has an ability to create influencers.

The term influencer has come from Twitter, as that is a place where if you want to get a message out to people then you pay an influencer to get it out for you. There are people on YouTube who have a following, and the fact that people are allowed to subscribe to channels has made this all the more easy. Being an influencer means being able to control your followers and have to visit and even buy the places and things that you say.

Getting Links Organically From Fans

What is the point of getting a following or being an influencer? It allows you to become popular so that people will link to you, and write about you, and add you into directories, and chat about you on social media. All of this raises your popularity, which in turn improves your SEO and increases the chances of someone backlinking to you organically (of their own accord).

Each Video You Post May Include A Link To Another Website

Obviously, if you want to then you can insert a link into the video or on the video so that it links to your website. You can make it so that when people click your video then it moves them to the page that it is on, or you can have it move them to another page once the video is finished, or you can have them click an element within the video so that they go to the other web page from there.

Streaming Your Video On Other Websites Buys You A Backlink

If you can add all of these link types into your video, then it is a good idea to put that video on other websites. They are able to embed it, which means they may stream the video from you. When people click the links in that video then it lands them on the page of your choice. It is also another valid link for your link building profile. Even if it is a no-follow link then there is still a chance you may get more direct traffic as a result of you video.

Get More Attention From Social Media

People on social media like videos, especially if you are posting them on YouTube. However, do not overlook posting them on places such as Facebook and Google+ because you are able to stream videos on there too. It is worth it if you can get people talking about you or your website. If you can do this then people may become fans and start linking to you from their websites and blogs. More attention from social media is bound to make you more popular and so get you more links.
Author’s bio:
My name is Sonia Jackson. I write for Royal-Essay that provides well-written and quality essays and research papers for college and university students.

Top 5 tracking tools for your website

Perhaps the most essential elements of maintaining a blog is maintaining analytics tabs and keeping track of your website visitors. These kinds of details are beneficial in setting up your online marketing strategy, SEO strategies and above all for making contents.
By utilizing analytics tools you will have the ability to find out exactly what your guests are searching for and would like to read. These records are good for finding which of the posts are receiving the more number of hits. You can utilize those data to assist you in creating quality contents and target the topics that may help you produce more visitors. Here are the 5 best analytics tools for your website.

1. Google Analytics

The majority of bloggers use Google Analytics that is utilized to provide an in-depth details and data concerning their web site traffic. Although many choose to merely employ the tracking code supplied by Google, there's in fact an even better alternative and that is utilizing the Google Analytics plug-in. This user-designed plug-in brings a lot of extra features which are not obtainable by just utilizing the simple Google tracking code. Firstly, this plug-in makes use of the asynchronous code, rendering it the quickest and most dependable monitoring code.”
By using it you will enjoy automated site pace tracking; downloads tracking, outbound link and  the capability to use Personalized parameters to trace metadata;  tracking and view sorting by author, the capability to disregard user levels; optional link tagging, Google AdSense integration,  debug mode, hash tags for campaign tracking and many other options. So essentially, it is certainly worth applying this plug-in instead of the tracking code provided by Goodle.

2. Visitor Maps and Whos Online

This plug-in reveals the number of people viewing your blog and displays where they come from. You will obtain a guest map with pins for the details of the user's location, country and city. There's a suggested widget at the sidebar along with a dashboard widget which will highlight the number of people who are currently online. This widget is easy to customize and may display items such as the amount of members and guests that are presently seeing your site and also their whereabouts. Extra options within the admin area consist of host search for online time, WhoIs lookup and IP addresses among others.

3.  WassUp

Updating statistics on auto pilot is good, but in real-time is better still and that's what WassUp is all about. You can view guests as they are seeing your blog and find out what they do while on your site. It’s a powerful way to see what posts are receiving the most number of hits. Tracking is carried out real-time plus there is also an optionally available easy to customize sidebar widget that can be used to show the activities of your guests to everyone.
This plug-in isn't for people who would like to know such things like the number of visitors you are receiving on a daily basis and monthly page views. Its primary emphasis is to help you to monitor your guests and obtain information regarding to what they actually view on your own blog.

4. Zamango Analytics

This plug-in enables you to add other tracking plug-ins for a number of analytics instruments like GoStats and Google without reducing the speed of your site. This plug-in is very easy to use and certainly not for individuals who wish to see in-depth chart and stats directly on their website. This plug-in basically provides the appropriate tracking codes so that you don't need to go to that particular site anymore just to be able to see your data and reports. This plug-in is not for stats maniacs, simply because it only provides the necessary features necessary to add any kind of custom tracker or counter.

5. WP SlimStat

It is another plug-in that allows you to keep track of your guests live on a world map, nonetheless its very light and will not decelerate your blog in any way. It’s very simple yet potent and is perfect for spying on your guests and monitoring the things they're doing on your blog.  Its features include: IP address restricting, and browser and OS detection screen resolution tracking, location tracking, spy view, as well as a lot of other options.

Author's Bio:
The AUTHOR is an expert SEO specialist who writes for several websites and blogs. He loves to write and share his knowledge on SEO. He is also a contributing writer to

A How to Guide - Who’s Linking to My Website?

We spend so long trying to improve our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by posting guest posts we often forget people will actually link to our website of their own free will. This is referred to as organic linking. It’s the best sort of linking as search engines consider it far more valuable than artificial linking.
So why would someone want to link to your website and how can you find out if someone is doing this?

Backlinks and SEO

Backlinks from other blogs and websites to a page on your website act as ‘likes’ for your website. It’s a vote of confidence from someone else. It makes it more likely your website will rank higher because, to Google, it’s like people are saying your website is more useful than someone else’s.

It’s not about numbers, though. It’s about the quality of the links. The quality of the link depends on where the link has been posted. A link on CNN would be much more useful than a link on some random affiliate marketer’s website.

So How Can I Know?

There are a number of tools which can help you find out who is linking to your website. For now, the best option is Ahrefs. Ahrefs provides everyone with a few queries each day. You have to sign up for an account if you want to run an unlimited amount of searches. These searches are unbelievably accurate and no other piece of software comes close to it.

The search bar in the center of the homepage is what you want to be looking at. Enter your web page address into the bar and click ‘Search’.

Initially, the results might be a tad confusing. Read each tab carefully and you’ll gradually begin to understand things. It doesn’t give you any raw data. It converts the data into dated graphs. These graphs can run back up to four months. They show you how many links you’ve gained in the last four months, as well as the ones you’ve lost.

You can find out the details of your links. Click on each tab to find out who’s linking to you from which page. It clearly labels the lost links and the new links. Since you have the full list of domains, you can find out if the site is a ‘.gov’, ‘.net’, or ‘.com’ website.

The top linked sites are at the top. You’ll also get a list of the domains you’re linking to, along with the anchor texts. Dig deeper by clicking on the tabs within each tab. For example, you can find out which anchor link is the most popular for linking to your website.

The free search feature is limited, especially if you have a large number of websites, but there are other drawbacks. You can only see the top five linked pages. Overall, it’s good if you want an overview of who’s linking to you.

Everything Else

Most other programs are terrible and should be avoided completely. A common tactic used by these providers is to give you a free tool to convince you to buy their SEO services. The results won’t be genuine. You should make sure you use an independent tool. A poorly optimized crawler search is worthless to you and won’t help build your PageRank.

Why are you Getting Links?

You should look into why people are deciding to link to your website. There could be a diverse range of reasons. Visit these domains, once you know who’s linking to you, and begin your research.

A nest of fans might have opened a chat room to discuss your website. This is a positive reason why people might be linking to you. Other reasons include genuinely impressing someone or a product you’re selling has been given a review.

More Research Equals More Linking

Once you discover why people are linking to you there’s no reason why you can’t start targeting this group of people to encourage more links. If you find a product is creating a buzz it makes sense to include many of the most favored features in your future creations. The chances are it will mean more links and more interaction. You should also consider interacting with fans outside of your site to foster debate. These are proven ways of promoting more links.

Author’s bio:
The article was provided by Sonia Jackson who writes for Royal-Essay. She answers all your questions about writing and editing.

Improve Your Email Signature With These 5 Easy Steps

Using your email signature can be an incredibly effective way to market your product or service. Despite this, many people either overlook or underestimate the importance of a great email signature in building brand recognition. Thankfully, there are a few incredibly simple steps you can take to gain real results from a strategically crafted email signature. Before we discuss them below, let's have a quick chat about the benefits of using an email signature.

Why Use Your Email Signature?

The benefits of developing a well thought out email signature include:
  1. It requires very little of your time to create, yet provides a brand contact point with any recipient;
  2. Once developed, your signature is automatically placed at the end of any company email without the need to add it every time you send a letter;
  3. It can be customised and edited quickly at any time. This allows you to include new offers or information about upcoming services;
  4. It adds professional features to your email correspondence. Think about it, how many corporate or service emails have you received without an email signature? It's a standard practice.
  5. It allows you to include links directly to your product or website without cluttering up the bulk of your email.
  6. It’s a huge advertising outlet. If you have 30 employees and each sends out 15 emails a working day on average, that amounts to 112,500 pieces of advertising for no cost.
As we can see, email signatures are a powerful way to advertise. There are numerous approaches to exponentially increase the effectiveness of your signature in terms of encouraging your recipient to engage with your brand, product, or service. It's all about what you include and how you present it. Let's now take a look at some of the most important tips for creating successful email signatures.

The Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Email Signature

With the 5 tips we are about to discuss, you will be able to maximize the impact of your email signature by employing it in a strategic way to positively affect your sales. Do not underestimate how important a well-made email signature can be to your business.

Avoid Images: 

Using images as an email signature might seem like the intelligent thing to do. After all you can make your signature eye-catching, and potential customers can really infer that you and your company are worth taking seriously, right? Well, this might all be true to a degree, but the truth is that most email clients won't even allow those pictures to be displayed, meaning that all of your hard work will be a waste of time. Images are automatically blocked by most email providers for security purposes and as a result are pretty useless. Stick to text and you can be sure any recipient will at least see it.

Announce the Signature: 

What does this mean? It simply refers to ensuring that the signature stands out from the rest of the email. But how can you do that without using images? The best way is to simply separate the content of your email from your full signature via a number of hyphens. This line should span the width of the email and will announce that important information will follow. It's a neat trick as it focuses the attention of the reader and looks professional.

Show Off Your Social Media: 

People want to navigate content quickly, and with little fuss. The smaller the amount of effort that is required to look at a piece of content from your business, the more likely a casual reader is to check it out. That means a minimum number of clicks. If they have to Google your company name after receiving an email from you just to find your business' content, then they probably won't bother. That's why a well crafted email signature should always contain links, preferably the ones which can be clicked. The trick is to balance the number of links against their importance. Prioritise, prioritise, prioritise! If you place too many links in your signature then your email will appear to be spam, which is a sure turn off for any potential customer. Place the links which are most important to your marketing campaign; perhaps your website, Facebook, or Twitter. Placing more than three links without good reason could negatively impact your potential engagement.

Contact Details: 

I can't tell you how many times I've received an email from a company, even with a signature at its conclusion, and yet the sender failed to incorporate their contact details. People could be worried about cramming their email signature with too much information, and yes that can be a problem – a good email signature will contain only the information that is required - but I cannot stress this enough, contact details are essential! Include your email address, physical address, and phone number where possible.

Awards & Slogan: 

If you or your company have won any awards, or have been mentioned in any industry magazines, make the most of those accomplishments and include them in your signature. This can provide an air of legitimacy to your emails. If you have won many awards, then list only a couple of the most impressive ones, otherwise again your email will seem to be spammy. Alongside this, a slogan is a powerful way to identify your brand in any medium. Use your slogan to identify your business, and to finish off any email with a powerful call to action for customers to assert themselves and take part in your product or service.
These are just some of the ways in which you can increase the effectiveness of your email signature.   The truth is that email marketing is still as viable and as important, as it always has been. Do not make the mistake of ignoring email signatures as a way to grow your customer-base. Follow the tips mentioned above and you can be confident that your sales will grow!

Author bio:
Melissa Wanger is a freelance Internet marketing specialist and a writer at She has a solid background in social media, ancient history and cryptography. Now she is pursuing a PhD in integrated marketing communications.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Why you should purchase the Samsung Galaxy S4


The Android phones? Samsung S4 is among the more recent smartphones which utilize Android. Among its chief competitors is Apple's iPhone, which utilizes the iOS. There are several reasons why you ought to consider purchasing the Galaxy S4 instead of the other ones.


First, the Samsung Galaxy comes with an impressive display. Size might not be everything. For smartphones, however, having a screen which is relatively large certainly does not hurt. The smartphone's display is a super AMOLED screen which spans five inches. Though it might not be as massive as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3's screen, it is still among the largest smartphone displays. This makes reading texts on the S4 considerably easy, and it limits the requirement for zooming in. The phone also comes with an impressive display resolution, of 44l pixels for every inch, or 1920 x 1080 pixels. Other smartphones, such as the iPhone 5, have a considerably smaller resolution. This means that the S4 is ideal for viewing videos which are in full High Definition. The phone's display is also considerably bright.
Second, the Galaxy S4 has an impressive interface. Its interface is called TouchWiz, and it allows immense flexibility. For instance, as you swipe the interface down from its top, you could toggle everything from the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to the special features such as the Smart Scroll and the Air Gesture. You might even select the quick setting buttons which will appear on top of the interface's notification panel. The phone also has a brightness slider control. You could also customize the phone's lock screen. Here, you may set up your own shortcuts for unlocking the interface. The phone is also idea in multitasking. Here, you can run numerous apps without straining the hardware of the Android phones- Samsung S4. If you press its home button, you will view a live preview of the apps currently running. By long pressing the Back button, you could even run two apps on the phone's screen simultaneously.

Third, the S4 has impressive accessories. For instance, there are numerous Samsung phone cases, along with cell phone stand. The Flip View Cover lets one view the phone's alerts along with other information without opening its cover. Other accessories you could purchase include a spare battery charging kit, which is ideal if you misplace your original charging kit; a charging pad and cover, which are wireless; a waterproof S band which syncs with the phone's Health app for keeping tabs on one's fitness and sleep; there is even a heart rate monitor, which is ideal if you have a heart condition. In their entirety, the accessories for the S4 are considerably more than sixty. This includes car chargers, screen protectors, HDMI adapters, holsters with kickstands, armband cases and numerous others.


On the whole, the Android phones???Samsung S4 is an ideal smartphone for users who wish for a big screen, tons of features, a creative interface and numerous accessories. For persons seeking a new phone, whose features match its looks, the S4 is the best option. This is an insight in this regard; these refurbished smartphones come with numerous merits.

Top 5 Blogging Tips That Every Blogger Should Know

Today in order to wade through the cutthroat competition prevailing in the world, businesses need to have good online presence so as to outdo their competitors. It’s apparent when a person searches for a business in your industry, you’ll want your business name to surface on the top of the search list. With constantly changing technology, search engines such as Google and others have started making use of advanced tactics to enhance your online presence, the most important being posting unique and relevant content on your website and keeping it updated.
Most of you might be thinking – what does all this have to do with blogging? There can’t be a better alternative to add meaningful and valuable content to your website regularly than using a blog. Writing a blog is a powerful and the most effective way to categorize your recurrent posts to your website. Blog is not just about sharing your thoughts, offerings etc. to your audience, rather it is an opportunity that helps you strengthen your relationship with your existing audience, prove your authority and gain trust in your niche and grow your audience. 
The web world is flooded with some really amazing and creative blogs. Thus, making your blog stand out from the rest is not less than hitting a jackpot! There are many things that you need to consider before blogging. How to lure more people to read your posts? What are the ways to build a loyal brand following? But you mustn’t worry as there a plethora of blogging tips following which you can create your own successful blog and eventually win more business.

Here are my top 5 blogging tips for a successful ingenious blog:

1. Choose The Right B.logging Platform

Prior to writing a blog, it is imperative to choose the right blogging platform. The best thing is that all of the blogging platforms offer customization facility to make edits in your blog. But, with a sea of free options out there such as Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, and more, picking the best one might seem a little intimidating. No need to fret! You can search for video tutorials on the web to learn about the several blogging platforms and their offerings

  1.  Write for Your Audience

When thinking of a topic on which you’ll be writing your blog, try to understand your audience – a surefire way to write a blog that resonates with your audience. A better technique demands to simply inquire your readers present on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and others with an engaging citation. How it will benefit you? Well, if those people respond to your quote with positive comments, than it is apparent that what you quoted is a great topic to write about. 

2. Write What You Love

Even though it’s good to think about what your audience or search engine will love to read, it’s very important to write about something that you’re passionate about. Otherwise, your blogs will suffer, as it’s easy to write what you love than writing about something you are unaware of.

4. Emphasize On Marketing

Just launching a blog and hoping that people will read it, is a completely wrong notion. You won’t succeed if you haven’t put emphasis on some marketing effort. It’s vital to market your blog so as to make people aware about it. For an instance chatting with some other bloggers and leaving worthy comments, is surely going to help you drive people towards your site. What’s more, you can use the top trending keywords in to your blog to promote it on search engines.

5. Promote Interaction

There can’t be a better way than people chatting on your blog. You can ask your visitors to give their valuable comments on your posts, and at the same time respond to what people have commented. In simple words, encourage interaction as it helps to retain your readers’ interests by knowing what they like and what they dislike about your posts. And thereby, it gives you a good idea as to where you need to make improvements. Each person love to interact, therefore ascertain to be friendly and welcoming to your readers.

On An End Note

Well, I can’t be sure how blogs will look like a few years later, but what I know is that blogging is here to stay. If you want to promote your business online, then blogging is a powerful tool that markets your branding. If you want to run your own successful blog, it is recommended that you must take a good look at the aforementioned top 5 blogging tips that will assist you to start a successful blog. 

Author Bio:
Lucie Kruger is a tech savvy writer who works for a leading Android Development Agency. You can also contact her, if you are looking forward to Hire Android Developers

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A Complete Guide : Optimize Your Website For Local Search

Even though .Com .Org and .Net are the most popular domain types, if you wish to dominate the local market and have not a care for international traffic, might as well begin with country specific domains like .UK .US and so on. This is the starting point. There's a lot more you can do to make sure just about everyone in your locality knows about you.

Geo-targeted Content

Fresh content consistently published is a must to rank in any SERP, local or otherwise, but when you are targeting a particular area, it pays to have things related to the area in your content. Get creative and do this even though, ordinarily, it is not really possible to include local names in every article that you post. One way might be to maintain a format where you try to find a relevant success story of a local customer or something along those lines and either insert it in the main article or post it in a box, preferably above the fold. All you need to make sure is that in some manner, it should remain relevant to the page.

Help and Be Helped

You don't need to eulogize your competitors, but if you have a restaurant, you can always write local places where you get your ingredients from. This way, your site is helpful to local customers - someone may want to buy meat for home cooking, and they know where to go thanks to you - but builds a goodwill among other businesses as well. If they are into online promotions as well, you can expect a back link or two after a while, in addition to possible word of mouth publicity.

Catch Customers by the (Long) Tail

Pay attention to local search patterns and list out all the viable long tail buying keywords. Use them to draw targeted traffic. Consider creating exclusive landing pages for each of the key-phrases.

Locate Yourself - in Detail

This is elementary, but if you have branches at several locations, you must optimize content about all of them. You could create separate pages or micro-sites, or have several blogs as sub-domains of your main site (you must have a main or original branch office, right?). And, of course, include contact details of all branches prominently.

Schema markups can give searchers an extremely detailed presentation of all that you may need to tell them - your business hours, days when you remain open or closed, if there are special closing or opening times on certain days of the week and so on. Either hire somebody or visit Schema.Org yourself to understand how the markups can enhance your sales. Schema is the result of a collaboration between Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! to create a better web experience. Naturally, therefore, if you use the markups, you are in good books of the search engines and stand to gain better organic exposure as a result.

Be the Bearer of Some News

Don't just keep to your business. Have a column or a series of articles where you write about local happenings. Is someone holding an art exhibition at the local gallery? A theater being staged? A music festival being organized? Someone of some social stature getting married? Some fortunate or unfortunate incident that drew attention recently? Write about or list them all. You could refer to our first point about getting geo-targeted content and see if some of the suggestions work for you. Or have a distinct section for this. Your site will soon become a supplement to the daily newspaper and people will come to check out what's new, increasing your overall traffic and your rank. Display a printed version of your site at your local office. Give them to your customers (for free, of course) for extra publicity.

Easy as this may sound, it will probably require you to have a team or network ready to supply you with the recent local news. Some kind of connection with the local newspaper office (if any) might help. Calculate the cost of maintaining such an operation against the profit that you are likely to make from this strategy before you begin.

Take Advantage of Google's Generosity

Google, in addition to local search listings, has a number of very good opportunities for small businesses. These include free domain and hosting for a limited period of time and all resources that you need to make your business grow. Research and take advantage of what may be relevant to your particular situation.

Increase Your Listings

Use GetListed.Org to find out which local directories you should submit your site to. Keep the same business name and contact details in each case. If there is a section for testimonials, make sure you have some from your satisfied customers (ask your regular customers). Director listings often come up in local searches even ahead of the business site. Take advantage of the competition that this obviously is and make sure you are found, anyway.

Be Popular!

Review other businesses that are not likely to be your competitors - for the restaurant business, if you know of a joint that specializes in steaks but is located quite a distance from you, review and recommend them. Similarly, create a list of other restaurants that people can go to and include their contact details as well as photographs if possible. There are many possibilities - you can even contact the respective restaurant owners and ask them to help you out in whatever way they may want to in return for your gesture.

Work on Your Virtual Social Skills

Definitely create a Facebook Page and keep updating it regularly. Request your customers to 'Like' the page if service has been satisfactory. Post deals and offers from your business as well as related ones. Be a people's person and promote your business in the social circles in as less salesy a manner as possible. Google +1s are generally accepted to be more valuable in terms of SEO (at least with the Google Search Engine) than Facebook Likes. Create your presence there as well by following the same strategies as you did on Facebook. Twitter is the other social network giant - find ways to tweet your presence regularly. However, there is just one thing to bear in mind: involve yourself in only as many social networks as you can be regular in. Unanswered questions, ignored friend requests and unappreciated re-tweets will not make you popular.

Write for Others

We mean, of course, guest post on other people's blogs. Use your experience to create really good pieces. If people like your content, they will likely want to find out more about you - when you guest post on various blogs, you get to face a larger audience than you could hope for from only your own blog or site. Also, there is the back link with each guest post (read about the latest Google updates to understand how you should use anchor texts and links) that will help with your organic SEO.

All this may seem like a lot of work, and it is, but if you take one thing at a time and work on it till you see results, you will probably feel more enthusiastic about getting to the next one. If you do not take shortcuts, these strategies can really make you stand out as a social presence with a more powerful reputation than the average local business ordinarily has.

Author Bio:
Jason Smith is an online manager for Right Lawyers - who are experienced Divorce Lawyers . Jason likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.

Top Seven Tips to Improve Navigational Structure of Your Site

In order to make it convenient for your visitors to explore your website, it is important to pay attention to your navigational structure. A website with better navigation improves the user experience, which now plays a big role in improving your business and search engine rankings. Here are few important tips that will go a long way in improving the navigation on your website.

Add a Few Internal Links to Every Web Page

In order to make your web pages look well connected, it is important that you add a few internal links to every page that helps visitors jump to another page. A good idea is to add links to three different pages on your website on every single web page – you can definitely add more, but don't stay under three. It is so because even if one internal link isn't working, you will still have your pages indexed, as there are a couple of backup links on every web page. With the help of this internal linking strategy, it becomes easier to make Google understand what your website and pages are all about – your anchor text will also play a big role here.

Make your Navigation Easy to Understand

For this, you have to find a way to set your navigation to a hierarchy. Imagine your navigation is a family tree and the homepage is at the very top, followed by different categories and subcategories. While it is possible to add as many subcategories as you want, it may get a little confusing for the users. With a proper hierarchy structure, it will become easier for your visitors to move back and forth. This is usually the most common and simplest way of designing an effective navigation system.

Pay Attention to the Anchor Text of Your Internal Link

Internal linking is important not only for the users but also for the search engines. For this reason, it becomes important to have a few internal links on every web page along with a readable anchor text. You will be better off avoiding non-informative word as well as a string of keywords. The anchor text should tell the readers where they link would take them to – it should offer some information about the landing page. Google will also read your anchor text to understand the theme of your website and web pages.  Therefore, it is of immense importance to take your time, conduct extensive keyword research, and find such phrases that are effective and readable by humans.

Have Relevant Content around Anchor Text

Using anchor text that is readable by human is a good way of improving your navigation structure, but to make things even better, it is important that you have your anchor text surrounded by relevant content. It means the text should keep your visitors from guessing exactly what they are going to see on a page where the link will take them to – keep them informed, and if the landing page is relevant, they will definitely follow the link.

Make URLs Readable by Humans

Selecting a URL that is informative and readable by humans is useful not only for your navigational structure but also for your search engine rankings. Opting for an uninformative URL text will leave people in confusion. The best idea is to give some information about your page in your URL text – you can use your page title as your URL to make it more informative and clear for the readers. With this strategy, you will be able to inform the human reader about the basic theme of your web page, which will help them make a decision.

Place Your Search Bar Sensibly

In order to improve the usability of your website, you should consider placing your search bar at the top right corner of your webpage – this will also improve the user interface and user experience. It is the best place for your search bar because most people expect it to be here, and if you change its location, your visitors will think you don't have a search bar at all. Remember, it makes no sense to have a search bar in place if people will fail to find it. If it's there, make it visible.

Use the Three-Click Rule

The rule implies that if a visitor cannot find required information within three clicks on your website, they will leave and look for a better alternative. It's not always true, but it's definitely an indicator that your site's navigation needs some attention. So, keep this important point in mind when making changes to the navigation system on your website.

Kate Funk is a freelance writer at She is mainly focusing on technology, gadgets and all the latest trends which are interesting for networking enthusiasts.

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