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Friday, 14 June 2013

Top 5 Best Alternatives For Google Adsense

Google Adsense is no doubt the best serving contextual Ads network in the whole world, receiving a monthly search of about 4,090,000. Who wouldn't like partnering with this Ads network giant to promote their Ads and make some good cash at the end of every month? I guess no one will see bread and choose to eat stone. Therefore, because of the high rate of publishers applying for Adsense day-by-day is making Adsense to be very strict with their terms of service (TOS), thus providing publishers with a very slim chance of participating in their program. Though it's every blogger's dream to work with the big G (Google) as an Adsense publisher, but because of their strict policies sometime's scared bloggers from wanting to give it a try, and therefore searching alternatives for adsense which is also a good step to take. I've read so many sad stories from bloggers who have been slapped by Adsense without even knowing what actually went wrong. So, if you're one those guys that got you're Adsense account disabled because of invalid activities, you don't have to think much over that because there are hundreds alternatives for Adsense where you can join and start making real cash right away.
Here am going to share with you the top 5 best alternatives for Adsense. And the good thing is that; you don't even have to worry whether you're account will be approved or not, because your approval is guaranteed if only your blog has fully been setup and you also have some useful contents in it.
NOTE:- Make sure that before applying for any of this Ads networks you must have already gone through their terms and service, so as to know their policies and to abide by it.
Bellow are the top 5 best alternatives for adsense. I've had numerous experience with all the listed Ads company. They are really the best alternative for Adsense. Enjoy!

List Of Top 5 Best Alternatives For Google Adsense

1. is definitely one the best alternatives for adsense. is a contextual Advertising network powered by Yahoo! and Bing program. has gain popularity all over the internet as the best substitute to Adsense. It enhance Bloggers with the opportunity to explore the web and generate huge revenue online via blogging.

Requirements:- To make it big on, you must receive a high quality traffic. That is, traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo!/Bing. Traffic from Canada, UK, U.S.A will also make your earnings grow rapidly.

Method Of Payments:- You must reach a threshold amount of $100 before requesting for payout/withdrawal. Payments are made via Bank Wire.

How To Apply:- To apply for this Yahoo! Bing advertising program, simply go to and signup for a publishers account. Approval basically takes up to a week. Make sure you provide all the necessary information correctly.

2. Infolinks Ads

Infolinks is certainly one of the best alternatives for adsense which has proven its capability on InText Ads for quite sometimes now. The type of Ads display on your blog solely depends on the keywords used around that particular niche.
How To Apply:- It s very easy to apply for Infolinks InText Ads as a publisher. Just go to ==> Click on Publisher and below it click on Get It Now. And the good thing about Infolinks InText Ads is that; without even applying through the form provided, you can easily connect it to your facebook account. To apply for these program simply follow the steps as shown below:

As you can see the clear view of the above image there's nothing more to explain, it's quite self explanatory.
NOTE:- Make sure all the required information are entered correctly. Provide a valid email address during registration because that's where your verification message would be sent to. Also your name must be real, don't use any fake information; be real.

Payments Method:- Infolinks provide its publishers with varieties of payments options whereby you can withdraw your earnings with ease after you've hit the threshold amount of $50 to $100. You can choose to be paid by the following:- Bank wire, Paypal, Western Union, eCheck.

3. Chitika Ads

Chitika Ads:- Chitika is another powerful Advertising network that have some nice features that would enable you earn some dollars through your blog. What really makes me like this Ads is for the fact that it displays both on High-End and Low-End mobiles. Therefore boosting your earnings. Chitika is easy to use, and you can use it alongside with other Ads network as well.

How To Apply:- To apply for chitika go to and click Learn More as shown above. Now click on Signup! as shown below.

Note:- You must fill all the required field. And make sure you fill the form correctly. Though i only implemented this Ads in my first blog and it was doing well. I also recommend it for you! Just give it a try and see if its works for you too. Most of my friends also used these Ads and they are happy with what the amount of revenue being generated from the program.

Payments Method:- Here you have only two payments option to choose from. Paypal and Check. You can request for payments once you've reached the threshold amount of $50 for Paypal and $100 for Checks.

4. Addynamo Ads

Addynamo Ads:- With Addynamo program a publisher can tweet and get paid! Their Ads is almost everywhere on the internet. Like in, and other popular sites. As a publisher you get paid per click and per tweet. No much explanation, just go to and seee things yourselve.

How To Apply:- Login to and click on the Become Publisher's button. Now follow the instructions provided to join the program.

Payments Method:- They offered three method of payments at the time of writing these post. They pay via Bank Wire, Paypal and Debit Card. So, you can withdraw your earnings once it is $20. 

BidVertiser Ads

BidVertiser:- Is the last in my list of the best alternatives for adsense. BidVertiser is one of the yielding Ads network. Though their Terms of Service is somehow strict. These is because they want to serve their publishers with a more attractive and lucrative Ads. You get almost instant approval. 

How To Apply:- To apply for bidvertiser advertising network got to and follow their registration guidelines. Once approved, you just have to copy and paste the code provided to start displaying ads in your blog.

Payments Method:- You are paid via Bank wire, Paypal, Check and Western Union. The threshold amount is $500. Request for payout once you've reached that amount.

Preamble:- A lot of Bloggers are using those mentioned alternatives for adsense and it works for them. Don't you believe you could also make some decent cash through through these? Think about it and act fast!


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Happy blogging buddies...

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  1. Hi Victor Noah,

    Nice post, really gets impressed by this post. But here i would like to Buysellads, one of the biggest alternative you should talk about....

    thanks very well written, and nicely explained

    1. Thanks bro Umesh for the useful addition. BuySellAds really rocks. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Very good post because most people banned or not approved by google adsense for them its real good alternative option. infolinks are most famous most bloggers using thanks victor for your effort

    1. Thanks Charan for commenting, am glad you find it useful. Have a wonderful week ahead.

  3. Hi

    I have applied for infolinks in the past and got rejected. Now when i re-apply for it, it is saying that the URL already registered. my blog's url is Please help.

    1. So sorry for the bad experience dear.. Before applying for Infolinks you must have to register for a paid domain instead of using a sub-domain... Once you've done that they'll approve you instantly... Thanks for stopping by.


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