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Saturday, 20 July 2013

How To Unlock ZTE And Huawei HSDPA Modems

On my previous post we discussed about how to unlock etisalat ZTE mf627 modems for free, and today we're discussing on how to unlock ZTE and Huawei hsdpa modems. As we all know that internet modems such as ZTE and Huawei modems are strictly customized (locked) to use only one network assigned to it. So, in order to unlock ZTE hsdpa modems or to unlock Huawei hsdpa modems simply follow all the steps correctly.

How To Unlock ZTE HSDPA Modems?

To successfully unlock the ZTE hsdpa modems you need to be a little technically minded in order to achieve what you want. Most modern ZTE modems do not required unlock code, so in this case we're to use a special software to unlock such modems. Below are the simplest and easiest ways to unlock ZTE hsdpa modems.

1. Here's the first step to unlock zte hsdpa modems; Here you have to download the zte unlocking software (DC Unlocker).
2. Insert another network (unauthorized) sim card on the zte modem you want unlock;
3. Plug the zte modem in any of the USB port on your computer and wait for some seconds for the connection manager to open.
4. Now extract (unzip) the DC-Unlocker file you downloaded and double click to open the dccrap.exe software.

5. choose ZTE modems under select manufacturer; as show above in STEP 1

6. Choose Auto detect [Recommended] under select model as shown in STEP 2

7. Click on the Search button as show in STEP 3 , this would help in detecting your modem's model and IMEi number.

8. Once your modem has been detected, Click the Unlocking button as shown in STEP 4

9. You're done!!! Just wait for few minutes and you'll get a successful message that your modem has been Unlocked.

10. You can now use as many network sim as you want; the sky's the limit.

How To Unlock Huawei Hsdpa Modems?

To unlock huawei hsdpa modems, just insert any other network sim in the huawei modem and you'll be asked to provide unlocking code. To generate unlocking code for your Huawei modem simply follow the below steps.

1. Here you have to download the Huawei Unlocker before proceeding to the next step.
2. Extract (unzip) the downloaded Huawei Unlocker file and double click on the Huawie Unlocker to open the software.

3. Type in the IMEi number of your Huawie Modem inside the Imei box as shown below.
4. Copy and paste the 8 digits numbers (unlocking code) when you're being prompted to do so.

5. You've successfully unlocked your Huawei Hsdpa Modem!

This was our today's tutorial on how to How To Unlock ZTE And Huawie HSDPA Modems for free. You can share with us what you think about these tricks. Share your views through comment.

Do you have experienced any difficulties unlocking your ZTE And Huawie HSDPA Modems? Feel free to reach us through comment.

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    1. Thanks so much dear Ankit for appreciating my work. Our tutorial is always very easy to understand. Good to have you here, keep visiting...

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